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IMGMy name is Gunilla Ryhle and i live in Klippan with my family since 1997. I moved here from Svalöv where i went to boarding school as i was educated to become an animal nurse.

As a child i was lived in Kristianstad with my parents who bred German shepherd and Rottweiler (my father still do), so the step for me to become a breeder was not very far. When i lived with my parents i had a German shepherd wich i enjoyed using in the purpose it was born to. -A working dog! Later on it became one more shepherd an two Rottweiler aswell.


Then i came to my senses and... In August 1993 I got my very first own Chihuahua! He was a beautiful black and white longcoated male, who stole the heart from every person he ever layed eyes on. His name was Bonny-Bell Pajasso Shimmer´n Charm and he gave me half my prefix. -Paj! The first half of my prefix, Honey, Came from my first female Chihuahua who gave me some wonderful puppies. Her name was Tiddy´s Honey!

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Vi har valpar till salu Vi väntar Valpar We are expecting puppies! 6!!! New Chihuahua puppies are born ❤ OBS kontakt

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