Honey Paj´s New Magic Miracle


Honey Paj´s New Magic Miracle

S28253/2007 Show Pedigree

Scissors 6+6


Honey Paj´s

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Eyes: Clear


Champion Of Denmark

1 x CACIB Sweden

1 x CACIB Poland

1 x CAC Poland

2 x JunCAC Hungary

BOB & BOS from puppyclass

3 X CAC in DK

3 X CAC in SWE

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Honey Paj´s Dedicated To Pajas , Honey Paj´s Danger Mouse


Anvinn 2009-09-09 Anvinn 2009-03 Anvinn 2009-01-17 Görlev CAC BOS Anvinn BOB CACIB Sofiero 2008-09-13 Anvinn 1 year Anvinn Tvååker Nat BOS 2008-07-11 Anvinn Öland Nat 2008 BOB Anvinn BOS Puppy Hässleholm Anvinn BOB Puppy Malmö Anvinn 5 months Anvinn 7 weeks Anvinn 7 weeks

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